Typing Review: An Overview of Ice Types for Raids in Pokemon Go (2024)

Ice has an interesting history in Pokemon Go. When the game first released,everyonewas after Lapras for its ability to flat-line the omni-present Dragonite in gyms, both defensively and offensively. At that time and forquite a while after, basically everyone knew that Ice had the potential to be one of the single most important types in the game at some point, but our Ice Types on offer were.... very much lacking. It wasto the point where Pokemon like Jynx were consider worthy investments, and Dragon Types could frequently compete fairly well with Ice Types against 2x Ice weak Raid Bosses. It wasn't until Generation 4/Sinnoh dropped and Mamoswine was given one of the best possible Ice Type movesets that Icereallystarted to shine.

Nowadays, Ice is a must-have type for its pervasive nature, with a number of very important Raid Bosses carrying around a 2x weakness to it that can be easily exploited.However, it's still a fairly middling type on paper. For example; did you know that only 3 Ice Type Pokemon in the series break 300 Attack in Pokemon Go, and only one of them has a full Ice Type moveset available? As of right now, an Attack stat in the 260 range is considered stellar, meaning Ice Type becomes a semi-distant backup option when directly competing with many other types that are currently in the game.

Best Attackers by Type

The State of the Type

The current top Ice Typeattackers in the game are already outlined in ourBest Attackers by Typelist, linked above,so we recommend that you take a look at that to get a better list-breakdown. But to make things a bit easier on us, here's the list of the current candidates that we'll be working with in this article:

Shadow Mamoswine

Shadow Weavile


Galarian Darmanitan


Mega Glalie

Mega Abomasnow





Ice is simultaneously one of the best types in the game and pretty mediocre. This is a type that a lot of extremely high-priority Pokemon are double weak to. This fact gives the top Ice Types a lot of raw value to most players, as many of these Pokemon definitely can pay back anyinvestment in spades given time. However, this is also a type that frequently can't quite keep up with the competition when on a level playing field. On top of this, the value of the top Ice Types drops pretty quickly after the top picks, leaving the power of the type pretty concentrated among the top echelon. On top of this, Ice is well known to be one of the weakest types in the game defensively, sporting weaknesses to Fire, Steel, Rock, and Fighting, most of which arepretty commontypes for Raid Bosses to have available in the form of coverage moves. Add to that the fact that Ice is onlyresistant against itself, and this means that many Ice Types are going to fall pretty quickly. It's admittedly not quite as bad as Dragons sporting a weakness to the Dragons that they're frequently called on to slay, but it's definitely an issue that hurts the viability of Ice Types in select raids. That said, the prosdefinitelyoutweigh the cons when it comes to investing in Ice Type attackers in most cases.

Ice Type Moves

As of the publishing of this article, we currently have access to 16different Ice Type attacks, divided into 5Fast Movesand11Charged Moves.

Fast MovesCharged Moves
Frost BreathAurora Beam
Hidden Power (Ice)Avalanche
Ice FangBlizzard
Ice ShardGlaciate
Powder SnowIce Beam
Ice Punch
Icicle Spear
Icy Wind
Techno Blast (Chill)
Triple Axel
Weather Ball - Ice

The Good Moves

Honestly, it's hard to say if Ice Types got the long or the short end of the stick in terms of Fast Moves. The move-selection on offer here isn't the strongest, but it'salso not objectively horrible. In fact, most of the Ice Type Fast Moves perform fairly similarly in practice. Among the moves, Ice Fang, Frost Breath,PowderSnow, andIce Shard are best.These moves have a bit of variance in terms of DPS and Energy Generation, but they're all perfectly great and worth using in their own right. At times one or two will pull ahead of the others depending on the moveset of the Pokemon using them or whatever their target may be, but none of them is an outright disappointment.

To start out with good Ice Type Charged Moves, we absolutely have to talk aboutGlaciate.This is apowerfulmove that is outright strong enough to make Kyurem worth using on 2x Ice Weak opponents, even when its Fast Move is only 1x effective. It's an objectively great move, but the only Pokemon that can possibly learn it is basic Kyurem. No,not evenBlack and White Kyurem can learn it, as they have their own Signature Moves... oh, and Victini can learn it in the mainseries too via an event, for some reason. Next up is the classical, top-tier, generally availableIce Type move;Avalanche.A great stat-line and solid accessibility makes it one of the big wants for any Ice Type, and is frequently the deciding factor as to if an Ice Type will be good or not when it's released.Extremely close to Avalanche isWeather Ball - Ice.While not quite as strong as it once was, it's an attack that has an average damage output very close to Avalanche, and potentially even even better due to its 3-bar status. A bit behind that isTriple Axel,which is the latest move in the Ice Type family as of this writing. While not on a par with the big-names above, it's still a good move that doesn't instantly doom an Ice Type to obscurity.Icicle Spearis next, and while weaker than Triple Axel, it's also got the advantage of 3-bars to make it a bit more reliable. It's just a shame that virtually nothinglearns it. Next is Ice Beam,which just barely manages to squeak by, though it could be argued that it should drop to the Bad moves section. The main reason that it's up here is the fact that it's at least serviceable if a Pokemon has a high enough Attack stat to make up for the damage loss, so it doesn'tinstantlydoom a Pokemon to obscurity just for having it. Heck, look at Shadow Mewtwo; it's still a perfectly serviceable pseudo-Ice Type attacker with Ice Beam, even if it doesn't generally top the charts in this role.

The Bad Moves

As usual, we have to give the gold medal of "bad fast moves" toHidden Power (Ice).It's actually not too far behind the other options, but the RNG of hoping the right typeit makes it a bad move literally 15 out of 16 times.

Starting out the bad Ice Type Charged Moves, we haveBlizzard.This move isabouton a par withIce Beam, but it's also single-bar, making it unwieldy for its lower performance. It's serviceable, but definitely not good. After this isIce Punch,which is 3-bar, but pretty low in terms of damage output.Then comesAurora Beam,which is a pale shadow of Ice Beam, and genuinely not worth using. Finally,Icy Windis arguably the single worst Ice Type Charged move in raids, leaving anything cursed with it and no other Ice Type Charged Movesbasically non-viable.

The Future of Ice Types

Currently Unreleased Ice -Type Pokemon


Galarian Darmanitan (Zen Mode)

Black Kyurem

White Kyurem




Eiscue (Ice Face)

Eiscue (Noice Face)




Calyrex - Ice Rider

Iron Bundle


Currently Unreleased Ice-Type Moves

  • Aurora Veil
  • Chilly Reception*
    • Galarian Slowbro & Galarian Slowking
  • Freeze Shock*
    • Kyurem Black
  • Freeze-Dry
  • Freezy Frost*
    • Eevee (Let's Go Eevee)
  • Glacial Lance*
    • Calyrex - Ice Rider
  • Hail
  • Haze
  • Ice Ball
  • Ice Burn*
    • Kyurem White
  • Ice Hammer**
    • Crabominable
  • Ice Spinner
  • Icicle Crash
  • Judgment*
    • Arceus
  • Mist
  • Mountain Gale*
    • Hisuian Avalugg
  • Multi-Attack*
    • Silvally
  • Sheer Cold
  • Snowscape

*: Signature Move
**: Formerly a Signature Move

The Non-Threats

Aside from the Pokemon that aren't fully evolved, we can pretty safely rule out Silvally, Eiscue (both formes), Arctozolt, and Arctovishdue to a lack of strong stats or good moveset potential.

For Signature Moves thatprobablywon't pan out in the future (if we get them at all), we have Chilly Reception andFreezy Frost.This is because of low stats, odd moves, or other issues with the Pokemon that can utilize them.

On that note, Pokemon frequently gain access to moves thataren'tsignature but that bring them into viability regardless. This means thateven our low-priority list isn't 100% safe, as they're simply the least likely to see new viability in the future given what we currently know.

The Existing Threats

Pokemon in this section have already been released into Pokemon Go, but their future is still bright. Due to moveset updates or other bonuses, they have the potential to rise on the list to varying degrees.

Note that we may treat select unreleased Mega Evolutions and alternate formes as Existing Threats, where applicable, due to their base-formes already existing in-game.

Black Kyurem

White Kyurem

  • Best Possible Moveset (K.Black): Ice Fang + Avalanche
  • Best Possible Moveset (K.White): Ice Fang + Avalanche
  • Current Best Moveset (K.Black):(Any) + Blizzard
  • Current Best Moveset (K.White):(Any) + Blizzard

The placement of these two in "existing threats" is a bit iffy, as it seems unlikely that Niantic will ever let players Forme Change their existing Kyurem, but we're still going to list them here regardless. And Niantic already released them once, so they can technically count... even if they were removed from the game entirely a day or so later.

Black Kyurem needs no introduction. This is a massively powerful Pokemon with a tremendous potential presence in the raid meta as soon as it drops. This Pokemon is set to virtually rule the non-Mega Dragon Type meta, as its base stats and moves allow it to rival and even surpass many of the Shadow Dragons that are currently seen as the apex within their types... but it can go even farther than that. As of the Scarlet/Violet DLC, Kyurem Black was given access to everything that it could ever hope for: Ice Fang and Avalanche. Add to this the fact that Kyurem Black also has an Ice Type Signature Move by the name ofFreeze Shock,and this could very well become the all-time greatest Ice Type Pokemon with a bit of luck in the future.

And then we have Kyurem White. As it sits, this Pokemon is set to become nothing more than "Black Kyurem, but worse". This Pokemon lost the move lottery, and can't hold a candle to Black Kyurem despite having identical stats....

....but is that the end of the story?Of course not!This is more theory-crafting than prediction, but what if they let Black Kyurem have its Dragon metaand give White Kyurem the Ice meta? Like Black Kyurem, White Kyurem has access to Ice Fang and Avalanche, plus a Signature Move by the name of IceBurn.This would be one possible way to actually make White Kyurem into a monster to rival its Black variant andreallyput Ice Type on the map even when not 2x Super Effective.

Galarian Darmanitan (Zen Mode)

  • Best Possible Moveset: Ice Fang + Avalanche
  • Current Best Moveset:Ice Fang + Avalanche

The evil snowman itself. Galarian Darmanitan has long been a strong Ice Type attacker, but its burning alter-ego is always looming just off on the frozen horizon. When entering its Zen forme, this ice-ape goes absolutely crazy and turns into a DPS machine. Nothing in the game currently has the potential to reach Galarian Darmanitan - Zen Mode's raw, frigidpower, and this is thanksto the fact that it's currently set to receive its best possible moveset when it drops, which is backed up by an absolutely tremendous 323 Attack stat. In short, this Pokemon is going to be must-have unless Niantic stealth-changes its moves before release. Here's hoping we also get a forme change so that our existing Galarian Darmanitan can turn intoburning furnaces of frozen deathas well.


  • Best Possible Moveset: Ice Fang + Glaciate
  • Current Best Moveset:Dragon Breath + Glaciate

Kyurem can keep pace with some of the better Ice Types in the game despite lacking an Ice Type Fast Move, so giving it Ice Fang has the potential to make it a genuinely powerful attacker someday when combined with the sheer power of Glaciate. While an iffy Pokemon in terms of general utility right now, Kyurem definitely has the potential to be great if Niantic ever gives it an update.

Shadow Mewtwo

  • Best Possible Moveset: Hidden Power (Ice)+ Avalanche
  • Current Best Moveset:Psycho Cut + Ice Beam

Even without an Ice typing, Shadow Mewtwo still shows up on many 2x Ice Weak Raid graphs thanks to Ice Beam alone. Now imagine if this thing had Avalanche! On 2x Ice Weak Raid Bosses like Rayquaza, Avalanche Shadow Mewtwo would sit right around Shadow Weavile, but with substantially higher TDO, making it a staple of the type. Not likely, but definitely interesting to consider!

Hisuian Avalugg

  • Best Possible Moveset:Ice Fang + Avalanche
  • Current Best Moveset:Ice Fang + Blizzard

Hisuian Avalugg is currently nothing special, but it's worth mentioning here due to the fact that it could upgrade to Avalanche, and more important than that it is the fact that ithas an Ice Type Signature Move by the name of Mountain Gale, so it could be a genuinely decent attacker someday if Niantic decides to be kind.


  • Best Possible Moveset: Hidden Power (Ice) + Glaciate
  • Current Best Moveset:None

You saw it mentioned up there, andyouknew thatit had to show up down here!

So, would Victini running Glaciate be good? Nope. Is it still funny enough to put down here?Yup!Way back when, Gamefreak saw fit to release a Victini that knew Bolt Strike, Blue Flare, and Glaciate. And while we didn't mention this back in the Fire/Electric articles, something about this mythical Fire Type having access to Glaciate just feels substantially more absurd in contrast.

In short,this entry is only here to point out this oddityspectacle.

The Future Threats

These are the Pokemon that we don't currently have in-game, but have the potential to join our Top Attackers by Type list if Niantic does them justice. Note that this list won't necessarily order Pokemon according to their potential, as we will take likelihood of a good implementation into consideration as well.

Calyrex - Ice Rider

  • Best Possible Moveset: (any) + Avalanche
  • Current Best Moveset: (any)+ Avalanche

Calyrex - Ice Rider doesn't have the power of its Ghostly alter-ego, but this dual-Pokemon abominationdoeshave some potential! It's just too bad that it doesn't have anIce Type Fast Move. Nope, not even Hidden Power Ice can save Calyrex - Ice Rider, as Hidden Power was apparently made illegal in Galar! The real hope here is that Calyrex - Ice Rider is granted areally strongsignature move in Glacial Lance, and/or gets a new Ice Type Fast Move from the handful of not-yet-used Ice Type moves that it has in the main series. Either way, the future isn't likely to besuperbright for Calyrex - Ice Rider, but it's definitely not hopeless.


  • Best Possible Moveset: Powder Snow + Avalanche
  • Current Best Moveset:Ice Fang or Powder Snow + Avalanche

Chien-Pao is aDark/Ice Type Legendary Pokemon from Paldea that's a member of the Ruin Quartet. It's primarily offensively-oriented, so it's currently set to be a genuinely good Pokemon whenever it finally drops. That said, it's also set to sit somewherearound Galarian Darmanitan (not Zen forme) when it makes its debut, so it's not likely to be meta-defining.

Iron Bundle

  • Best Possible Moveset: Powder Snow + Avalanche

It seems odd to consider what is obviously a powered-up Delibird worth using in the future,but here we are!With 266 Attack and okay-ish bulk, Iron Bundle has the potential to sit right around Chien-Pao if everything goes well, but with an Ice/Water typing instead of Ice/Dark, giving it a potentially different niche. While it lacks a Signature Move to look forward to and definitely isn't set to be meta-defining, it's still possible for this little oddball Pokemon to see genuine utility in the future.


  • Best Possible Moveset: Powder Snow + Avalanche
  • Current Best Moveset:Powder Snow + Avalanche

The Bug/Ice Type Frosmoth is set to be... pretty good. It's not going to make waves, but the fact that current datamines give it Powder Snow/Avalanche definitely goes a long way towards giving it potential... but nottoo muchpotential.


  • Best Possible Moveset: Hidden Power (Ice) + Avalanche

Arceus' future potential tends to shine in types that area bitunder-powered, and that's definitely the case here. It lacks a great Attack stat, doesn't have an Ice Type Fast Move outside of the infuriating Hidden Power, and won't be great even if given its best possible moveset, so the odds are not in its favor right now.In all truth, Arceus' only real hope is that it gets an extremelypowerful Signature Move in Judgment, which seems fairly likely as it sits given Arceus' prestigious place in the Pokemon universe.


  • Best Possible Moveset: (any) + Avalanche
  • Current Best Moveset: (any)+ Avalanche

Glastrier... has lost Calyrex, and itreallydoesn't know what to do. When separated from its cerebral edema partner, Glastrier suffers from all of the same issues that Ice Rider had, but with an even worse Attack stat and no hope for a Signature Move. Honestly, the best that Glastrier can really hope for given our current precedent is mediocrity.

The Looming Shadows

Let's start with the absolutely crazy theorycrafting that goes a bit off the deep-end: ShadowGalarian Darmanitan - Zen Mode, and Shadow Kyurem Black or White,if given the proper moves at some point in the future, could beinsanely good.These Pokemon could basically rule the meta, and they'd be unlikely to ever be dethroned given our current Pokemon list.

Back in the world of "reasonable" Pokemon that wouldn't involve large changes, we have Shadow Iron Bundle,ShadowGalarian Darmanitan, Shadow Baxcalibur, Shadow Kyurem (if it ever gets Ice Fang), Shadow Chien-Pao, Shadow Kyurem, Shadow Glaceon, Shadow Beartic,andShadow Frosmothall sitting with the potential to make some waves in the future given a chance. Most of these Pokemon likely won't dethrone the current meta, but they'd all at least be good additions to the Ice meta.

The Gigantamax Factor

While not extremely likely, it'spossiblethat Niantic could release the Dynamax/Gigantamax system first introduced in Generation 8/Galar into Pokemon Go. For those unaware, this system turns Pokemon giant, gives them new/overpowering moves, and grants a tremendousHP boost while active. And while the release of this feature isn't super likely, we thought it best to at least list the possible candidates with unique formes just to cover all bases,so these are all of the Ice Type Pokemon with a Gigantamax forme:

  • Gigantamax Lapras

We're not really going to go into any depth here, as Dynamax/Gigantamax only effects HP in terms of raw stats. The majority of the offensive power that these Pokemon gain in the main series comes from the unique moves that overtake their normal movesets while Dynamaxed/Gigantamaxed.

TheTerastallization Factor

For the uninitiated, Terastallization was the regional-gimmick of Paldea/Generation 9. With this unique effect, Pokemon could change their typing up and increase their STAB (Same Type AttackBonus), meaning attacks that match their new types wouldn't just deal more damage in the standard sense, they'd also get a boost on top of that. It's hard to really speculate on when/if we'll get Terastallization in Pokemon Go, and how it will be implemented if we dosee it, but it'spretty likelythat Shadow Pokemon won't be capable of utilizing Terastallizing as they can't currently Mega Evolve, so we're going to leave them off of this list. And speaking of Mega Evolution, we're also leaving them off the list as utilizing multiple regional-gimmicks at once probably won't ever happen. It's also worth noting that we're just going to look at these Pokemon if they had a normal STAB, as we can only speculate as to where a boosted STAB would fall.

Note thatmost if not allof the Pokemon setsincluded in this section areextremelyunlikely to ever actually materialize, but it's fun to consider them regardless, so here are just a few of the options that could benefit the Ice Type if this ever pans out:

Ash Greninja

  • Best Possible Moveset: Hidden Power (Ice)+ Ice Beam
  • Current Best Moveset:-

Okay, this is a bit of a cheat as Ash Greninja istangentialto a regional gimmick, but we're going to look at it in this case regardless.

Ash Greninja can learn Ice Beam in the main series, and in a neutral scenario it could be just a bit worse than Galarian Darmanitan - Zen Mode. However, it has no current Ice Type Fast Moves outside of Hidden Power Ice (ugh), so in practice it would fall off while still retaining some potential viability.

Hoopa (Unbound)

  • Best Possible Moveset: Hidden Power (Ice)+ Ice Punch
  • Current Best Moveset:-

Ohcome on!This thing has 6 hands and you're telling me that Ice Punch isstilla trash move on it? Well, despite Ice Punch and Hidden Power Ice (ugh), this thing actually has the potential to rival Shadow Weavile, but with substantially higher TDO. If this isn't an example of how Attack-starved most Ice Types are, I don't know what is!


  • Best Possible Moveset: Psycho Cut+ Avalanche
  • Current Best Moveset:Psycho Cut + Ice Beam

All of the points made for Shadow Mewtwo in the sections above apply here, as an Ice Type Mewtwo would actually be a pretty solid option, especially given Avalanche someday.


  • Best Possible Moveset: Hidden Power (Ice)+ Ice Beam
  • Current Best Moveset:-

Oh boy,thisis a stretch! Turn Pheromosa into an Ice Type and give it access to Hidden Power Ice (ugh) and Ice Beam, and suddenly it sits between Shadow Mamoswine and Shadow Weavile in terms of DPS... but with substantially less TDO. It wouldn't make many waves, but somehow it's still kind of funny!


  • Best Possible Moveset: Hidden Power (Ice) + Glaciate
  • Current Best Moveset:None


Alright, so as not to beat a dead horse, even an Ice Type Victini with Glaciate and Hidden Power Ice (ugh) isn't enough to make it good. It's still funny, though!

What About Z-Moves?

The regional gimmick of Generation 7/Alola, Z-Moves focused on transforming normal versions of moves into mutant, hulking versions of themselves for a single use. However, it seems that The Pokemon Company has all but swept this particular regional gimmickunder the rug, and it seems like it would be pretty awkward to add to the Raid meta of Pokemon Go if ever it made its way back into the spotlight, so we're not really going to even consider what sort of an impact it could have here.

Verdict for the Future

Sadly, Ice has largely stagnated as of late. We have a few potential power-house attackers like Kyurem Black and White, as well as Galarian Darmanitan - Zen Mode on the horizon, while more distant attackers like Chien-Pao and Iron Bundle are likely to take up a good position in the more distant future. But all of the meta-defining Pokemon of the type in terms of raw stats are going to need moveset updates and/or a Shadow boost to have a shot at rocking the top echelon of the type. Of course, if thisdidend up happening, then Ice would go from powerful toabsolutely centralizingon any double-Ice-weak Pokemon, potentially even turning some raids into absolute jokes.

Chances are that Ice willnever everbe able to compete with something like Dragon when taking on normal, 1x Super Effective Raid Bosses. This is because Dragon can never be double-Super Effective against any Pokemon, meaning ithasto be stronger than many other types to make up for not being able to go thermonuclear against specific Raids. Give Ice Types power on a par with the top Dragon Types, and there's basically no reason to ever use Dragons again, and the same could easily be said of anything else that counters Grass, Ground, and Flying Types as well....

...on that note, we'll probably see Shadow Galarian Darmanitan - Zen Mode someday, which has the potential to out-DPS Shadow Mewtwo in a neutral scenario, while the two variants of Kyurem could also become absurdly strong given Ice Fang and strong Signature moves. Also, monsters like Mega Rayquaza and Shadow Mewtwo exist and are capable of dealing 2x Super Effective damage despite their raw power, soso much for the typing balance theory!

Everything aside, Ice isstilla great type, and a must-have for any real raiders. It stays competitivedespitethe centralizing monster that is Mega Rayquaza competing with it directly, and is virtually needed for specific Five Star/Mega solo runs, so don't feel bad about making a cold decision when building your raid team!

Full Series

Typing Review: Full Series

Typing Review: Full Series

Typing Review: An Overview of Ice Types for Raids in Pokemon Go (2024)
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