What exactly does it mean to be a 'babygirl'? (2024)


Aidan MilanPublished Jan 30, 2024, 3:45pm|Updated Jan 30, 2024, 4:47pm

Is he cute as in adorable and cute as in sexy? Is he a sweetie pie with a good heart? Is he somebody who should be protected at all costs? Then you might say he’s ‘so babygirl’.

This term has recently been used to describe Saltburn star Jacob Elordi – and is the latest breakout star of the Gen Z dictionary (following the likes of rizz and suss).

As a term, ‘babygirl’ has been floating around on TikTok for a year or so, and speaks not just to how much a poster finds somebody attractive, but also to that person’s generally lovely personality and pure intentions.

Yes, we know the word ‘girl’ is in there – but it’s about their vibe, not their gender.

What does ‘babygirl’ mean?

As Urban Dictionary puts it, a guy who’s so babygirl ‘is extremely sexually attractive with a good personality’.

In other words, it’s a term of endearment.

Other internet babygirls apparently include Paul Mescal, Colin Farrell and Ryan Gosling as Ken.

ryan gosling as ken is my new babygirl and i love her so much! 💗 https://t.co/3Y9eNFIW7d

— z | bridgerton s3 spoilers!! (@tomlettezzz) April 6, 2023

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Think of the babygirl as himbo adjacent – although the two are not mutually exclusive. And if you’ve heard of a softboi, a babygirl is everything they want to be – but aren’t.

In Mashable’s horny dictionary for 2022, a babygirl is described as being ‘the new submissive and breedable.’

Thus, the true babygirl is sweet, kind, earnest and hot.

What are other ‘babygirl’ traits?

As Mashable also noted, he’s comfortable in his masculinity or vulnerable in a way that makes you want to keep him safe.

The babygirl is not mean, stand-offish, or hypermasculine to the point of toxicity or aggression. If he’s butch or muscle-bound, he’s still not afraid to show his feminine side.

Although, while this term has popped up in recent Jacob Elordi discourse, it’s worth pointing out that the term isn’t strictly new.

What’s more, the internet seems to be obsessed with creating an A-list family.

Who else is a ‘babygirl’?

First we had daddy (or zaddy) with papi Pedro Pascal, then Sarah Michelle Gellar as mother, now babygirl in the form of Jacob Elordi as well as Succession’s Nicholas Braun.

But it’s safe to say this affectionate term hasn’t hit the mainstream just yet.

Can you name any other ‘babygirls’?Comment Now

While recently presenting Saturday Night Live, Jacob was left confused after his co-hosts agreed he fit the term perfectly.

Comedian Bowen Yang teased: ‘Renee, you were right. He is so babygirl.’ With Mean Girlsstar Reneé Rapp agreeing ‘he’s so babygirl.’


Does Nicholas Braun know he’s the internet’s baby girl? 👀Well, we told him. Here’s what the ‘Succession’ star had to say about it and internet daddy Pedro Pascal. 🥵 Watch Nicholas in the season premiere of ‘Succession’ tonight at 9pm ET and Pedro in ‘The Last of Us’ streaming on @cravecanada. #Succession #CousinGreg #NicholasBraun #babygirl #daddy #PedroPascal #TheLastOfUs #TheLastOfUsHBO #SuccessionHBO #reaction #internetdaddy

♬ original sound – etalk

Likewise, during an interview last year, the idea was put to actor Nicholas Braun. ‘You are the internet’s babygirl. How do you feel about that?’ asked the reporter.

And in true babygirl fashion – albeit laced with some confusion – he answered: ‘I think anyone would be proud to have a babygirl, talk about their baby girl.

‘She’s their little thing they want to hold onto and I guess that’s me.’

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While Nicholas was quick to point out that he’s a man and a ‘big guy’ with a ‘big body’, being a babygirl (usually written as one word) is one of the highest compliments the internet can give a guy.

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What exactly does it mean to be a 'babygirl'? (2024)
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